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12-Volt Lithium-Ion PowerLuber Developed for quick, effortless application of lubricant, the new 12-Volt Lithium-Ion PowerLuber features a lithium-ion battery for maximum power and efficiency and delivers grease at up to 8,000 psi (551 bar). Models 1262 and 1264

20-Volt Lithium-Ion PowerLuber High performance and technology in a rugged, work-ready package that delivers up to 10,000 psi and includes a dual output selector and upright stancee. Models 1882 and 1884


18-Volt Lithium-Ion PowerLuber The 18-volt lithium ion PowerLuber offers superior battery technology, a Patent-Pending LCD display, and much more. Models 1862 and 1864

120-VAC PowerLuber
The first of its kind in the industry, the 120-volt corded PowerLuber’s motor provides the highest torque values in its class. Models AC2400 and AC2440

18-Volt PowerLuber
Developed for heavy-duty applications, the 18-volt PowerLuber features a high-output motor and battery technologies that unite to provide outstanding run time. Models 1842 and 1844

14.4-Volt PowerLuber
The 14.4-Volt series delivers over three times the grease output of our popular 12-Volt series. Models 1442 and 1444

12-Volt PowerLuber The enhanced 12-volt PowerLuber cordless grease guns deliver a consistent grease flow at up to 6,000 psi for quick and efficient lubrication.
Models 1242 and 1244

Power Luber Frame
About the PowerLuber

Introducing the new 12-Volt Lithium-Ion PowerLuber.
Developed for quick, effortless application of lubricant, this grease gun is suitable for agricultural, automotive, construction, general maintenance and industrial applications.

The 12-volt PowerLuber features a lithium-ion battery for maximum power and efficiency and delivers grease at up to 8,000 psi (551 bar).

Its three-point base keeps the tool upright and stable for user convenience and helps prevent dirt and debris from entering the motor.

The grease gun’s ergonomic, lighter-weight construction reduces operator fatigue and allows easy access to tight areas.

12v Li-Ion news release
12v Li-Ion brochure

Agriculture Lube Applications


Our brand is Lincoln, and our specialty is lubrication. We invented the cordless grease gun.

The new 12-Volt Lithium-Ion PowerLuber brings lubrication technology to a whole new level.

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Agricultural Lawncare


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We pioneered effective battery-powered lubrication. For years, Lincoln's PowerLuber has been the favorite of auto mechanics, industrial maintenance technicians, fleet owners, contractors, farmers and others for almost every lubrication task imaginable.

Agriculture Lube Applications

More 12v Li-Ion PowerLuber Features

Lithium-ion battery for power and efficiency
Slide-on, 12-volt, lithium-ion battery reduces
weight, and delivers an even flow of energy

Lithium-ion vs. Ni-Cad
Lithium-ion technology eliminates the slowdown associated with NiCad, while outperforming NiCad batteries twice the size

Work light
Built-in LED illuminates the work area

Vent valve and filler nipple
The vent valve purges trapped air, and the filler nipple facilitates a quick, clean refill for those who prefer to bulk fill their barrel

Flex hose
The 30 in. (76 cm) high-pressure flex hose comes with anti-kink spring guards on each end

Integrated hose holder and tube guide
Integrated hose holder and tube guide for secure hose storage and easy threading of the grease barrel

Power on the go
Optional, one-hour mobile charger for quick charging in the field in vehicles with 12 V or 24 V DC outlets

Two-way loading
Dual-lip follower design enables bulk or cartridge
grease delivery and eliminates grease bypass

Three-point base
keeps the grease gun upright for easy handling and helps to keep the tool clean of debris

Lincoln PowerLuber Frame

Model 1200-NB; 1800-NB; 1260-NB; 1880-NB Four tool-only cordless grease gun configurations that work with your existing battery and charger.

Model 1262 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery
High-capacity battery. engineered for maximum reliability at a competitive price.

Model 1871 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery
High-capacity battery with three times the charging capability of a Ni-Cad battery.

Shoulder Strap 1414
Shoulder strap enables hands-free movement from job to job.

Model 1850 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery Charger One-hour charge time; switches off automatically to prevent overcharging.

Model 1861 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery
Long-run, high-capacity battery capable of accepting 1,500 charges.

Model 1201 12-Volt Battery The original 12-volt PowerLuber replacement battery.

Power Luber Frame

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